Free Starbucks Drink Record Was Set July 4th With 77-Shot $71 Drink

Hey, remember how we reported earlier this week that a new record had been set for the most expensive single Starbucks drink to be paid for with a free drink coupon? Well, we were wrong. Record-seeker Sameera didn’t know it either at the time, but the record had actually been set on July 4th, with a 77-shot concoction costing $71.35. America!

Caffeine Informer has more comprehensive records on this competitive sport than we do, and they maintain a ranking of the biggest drinks.


Yes, this is a literal vat of coffee, since it was made inside a cooler. Well, at least it will stay cold.

This drink left the other flavorings behind and just went for more espresso. The result is a drink that would kill you if you tried to consume it all in one sitting. Don’t do that.

We also learned from Caffeine Informer that Sameera’s record wasn’t even a known record before this latest drink had been confirmed. Nope, Caffeine Informer featured a $60 beverage earlier this week. While Sameera’s beverage came in over $60, that total included sales tax. Using a free drink coupon eliminates sales tax from the total, which is why the amount she “paid” was less than the register total.

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  1. IMakeMyOwnSnarkAtHome says:

    I thought the record was most expensive drink that you could drink, not just “how high can I make the bill lolololol”

    On my next gold reward I’ll just ask for 250 billion shots. They won’t make it but I’ll tell them they can still charge it.

    • MathManv2point0 says:

      Yeah I’m with you. This is just getting silly. A “drink” should be something a person can consume in a single sitting (maybe sipped over the course of an hour) without having any adverse side effects. A freaking cooler full of caffeine is not a drink.

  2. Ravensclawth says:

    Ok, can we be done with this, now? It wasn’t really even that interesting the first time.

    • furiousd says:

      I second this, there’s a difference between stories people who read Consumerist (or Consumer Reports) are interested in and general interest internet stories. I’ve seen a few articles a week pop up here a few days after seeing them on Failblog or other similar sites. I expect higher quality stories on Consumerist

  3. wsuschmitt says:

    It’s gotten childish and has become what can one do to create the biggest bill, and no longer focuses on the drink.