Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Explore Canada, Find Primitive Smartphone

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a brave band of retail archaeologists who comb the continent’s stores to find the most ancient books, electronic devices, video games, and software at inappropriately high prices. I say “the continent” because today’s dispatches come from Raiders stationed in Canada.

Yes, they have Walmart in Canada, and yes, retail antiquities can be found there too. For example, behold the flip-phone version of the Blackberry Pearl, released in 2008, found by raider Eric.


Now, there is a market for this phone. I really loved the Blackberry Pearl: for my purposes, the biggest problems were the 2G mobile Internet and my tendency to butt-dial with it. I would probably still be using one if the flip version had been available in 2009 when I decided to get a phone with a keyboard on it. The problem isn’t that this phone is still for sale. The problem is its price.


This price isn’t as bad as it appears at first: $398.83 in Canadian dollars is $372.33. Which is still a really outrageous price.

Elsewhere in Canada, how about a copy of DJ Hero? Jeff found this copy on the shelf…not even marked down.


Sure, you could pay the equivalent of $74.52 for this DJ Hero turntable set for the PlayStation 2. Or you could wait a few days for delivery and pay less than half as much on Amazon.

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