Man Accused Of Stealing Bird Costume, Wearing It To Bar’s “Wing Night”

It was “Wing Night” at a bar in Kansas City last night, but we’re pretty sure that doesn’t mean that wings were mandatory. That’s what we would have assumed, anyway, but one bar patron acquired a bird costume before stopping in. Because…well, it’s not all that clear why. What is clear is that he didn’t have permission to borrow the feathered hat and cape.

The Kansas City Star has photos taken by a bar patron, because most people would take a picture of a guy in a bird costume who walked into the bar they were patronizing. Police say that the man started his night by breaking into a costume shop. “He got into the costume shop, took the costume and then walked down the street to the bar,” a police spokesperson told the Star.

The man was arrested, and we can only hope that Harvey Birdman, Esq. steps up as his public defender.

Man wears bird outfit at bar after allegedly burglarizing KC costume shop [Kansas City Star]

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