Limeade Oreos Will Be Your Refreshing Summer Cookie

Can’t get enough refreshing fruit-flavored Oreos? Have you made your way through lemon, watermelon, and fruit punch flavored sandwich cookies, and you’re ready to try a new (but not terribly different) flavor? Great news! Limeade Oreos are here.

For most people, this is just a strange expansion of the ever-stranger Oreoscape. Don’t worry: it’s a limited-time flavor like so many other seasonal Oreos. Most likely, it will taste like butter cookie and citrus, just like its lemon Oreo cousin.

Some limited-time flavors are exclusive to a specific store (generally, Walmart.) While these cookies were sighted at Meijer, that doesn’t mean they are an exclusive.

SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Nabisco Limited Edition Limeade Oreo Cookies [The Impulsive Buy]

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