Woman’s Burger King Salad Comes With Lettuce, Chicken, Cranberries…. And A Razor Blade

BK Salad One might choose to order a salad from a fast food restaurant in the hopes of enjoying a slightly healthier meal (though they’d probably be mistaken). But even if you select a salad that has fewer calories than a Whopper, you don’t want to bite into sharp metal objects.

3TV reports that a woman in Flagstaff, AZ, says her Burger King Chicken Apple Cranberry salad contained the chicken, apples, cranberries — and a free razor blade.

“It was actually in my salad,” she tells 3TV. “There was a razor blade in there that I could have potentially put in my mouth and cut my mouth with.”

After the woman showed the restaurant’s manager, employees searched all of the eatery’s salads to make sure they were safe for consumption.

Officials with Burger King say an employee admitted to leaving the blade on a shelf where it accidentally fell into the tub of lettuce. That employee has reportedly been fired.

The woman received a refund on her meal and a voucher for a free salad. She tells 3TV that she has no plans to sue the restaurant, but hopes a similar issue doesn’t happen to any other customers.

“I just want people to be aware that accidents happen and it could happen to anybody anywhere, and just be careful of what you eat,” she says. “Don’t just assume that because it’s coming from a restaurant that it’s safe.”

Flagstaff woman finds razor blade in Burger King salad [3TV]

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