JetBlue Flight Diverted After Passenger Wakes Up, Starts “Flipping Out”

It seems JetBlue had its hands full this weekend, what with the news of a little girl wetting herself in her seat after she was told she couldn’t use her plane’s restroom while it was on the tarmac, as well as an incident that diverted another flight when a passenger reportedly woke up and started “flipping out.”

The Las Vegas bound flight was diverted to Detroit after taking off from New York city over the weekend, reports ABC News, after a passenger became “unruly” upon waking from a nap. The captain decided to land in Detroit out of an “abundance of caution,” the airline said in a statement.

According to videos obtained by ABC News, passengers said things erupted out of the blue.

“All of a sudden, this guy who was sleeping just woke up out of nowhere and started flipping out,” one passenger said.

The videos show a man in a window seat standing up, wildly gesturing and yelling before apparently lunging at someone, but what he’s saying is unclear. Meanwhile, a woman’s voice yells, “Dad, stop it!” as the man appears to head for the aisle.

He’s then subdued by flight attendants and restrained with plastic hand ties.

Detroit law enforcement took him into custody upon landing, JetBlue said, but hasn’t said where he is now.

The plane continued on to Las Vegas after a two-hour wait in Detroit, the airline said.

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