Homeowners Forced To Burn Down Home Teetering On The Edge Of A Cliff

Homeowners forced to move out of their cliffhanging home in Texas weeks ago had to have it burned to the ground today. Torching it was simply the best way to get rid of it before it caused an even bigger mess by falling into the lake below.

Fire crews set fire to the house today, reports NBC Dallas Fort Worth (link has video that autoplays), after the first option of hauling the home away from the edge of the cliff with a giant net was dismissed, and a third idea of allowing the home to slide naturally into the lake (debris to be collected later) was abandoned as too expensive.

The homeowners of the house — appraised at more than $700,000 — tell WFAA News that it was built in 2008 and it had passed inspection before they bought it in 2012.

But when a giant crack appeared in April, they were told it was time to move out, as the home was unsafe. Part of the cliff fell away earlier this week, with some of the house dropping into the water a short time after.

“It’s like, ’Is that really my home? Or is that something else that you’re watching on TV?’ And then you’re like, “Good grief, that is my home,’” the homeowner, who is currently in Florida, told the station of knowing his home had been reduced to ashes. “Yeah, it’s a trying time, certainly.”

To add to the likely pain of losing your home, the man and his wife will also be responsible now for paying for the cleanup and disposal of the remains.

Lake Whitney Cliff House Set on Fire, Burned to the Ground [NBC DallasFort Worth]
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