New York Homeowners Evicting 1 Million Bees Living In Their House

A house with 40,000 bees? Sure, that sounds crazy. But homeowners in New York have that story beat, after finding an estimated one million bees buzzing around in the siding of their home.

There are so many honeybees, beekeepers working on removing the little buzzers will need about a week to completely clear the home, reports the Times-Herald Record.

The family discovered the bees after clearing trees from their property, and were quick to enlist the aid of experts as the woman who lives there is allergic to the insects. The homeowners wanted to replace the house’s siding but can’t do that until all the living, stinging bugs have moved out.

“It’s like doing reverse construction,” said one of the beekeeping brothers working on taking down the siding to reveal the bees and their honeycombs. “Instead of putting the walls up, we’re taking them down.”

Once the combs have been cut out and stacked into boxes, along with “as many bees as will follow the queen,” a special padded vacuum will be used to suck out the stragglers safely.

“They need some time to get acclimated,” one of the beekeepers said. “Some get stubborn and keep going back to the house. It’s just like when you have to move and you miss your old house.”

A million bees pay visit to Town of Wallkill residence [The Times Herald-Record]

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