House Fire Survivor Waits Over A Year For IKEA Contractor To Finish His Kitchen

When a big retailer like IKEA refers you to a specific contractor, that means they’re pre-screened and you shouldn’t have any problems, right? Not necessarily. In California, a man who just wants to move back into his house after a fire and a significant remodel has been waiting for more than a year for IKEA’s contractor to just finish his kitchen already.

Back in 2014, the fire was devastating, but at least he had the remodeling and moving back into his home to look forward to. He spent $10,000 on kitchen fixtures, including drawers and cabinets, at his local IKEA, and the retailer sent a company called Traemand to install the new kitchen.

The installation wasn’t finished, and he found himself stuck between Traemand and IKEA for more than a year. “I felt like I would have less headaches” going through a big retailer, he told NBC LA. (Warning: auto-play video at that link)

A representative of the Contractors State License Board in California explained to the TV station that a referral from a trusted big-box store doesn’t mean that a contractor is necessarily any good, and you should be sure to check them out before agreeing to start any work. (If you live in California, here’s the site where you would do that.) You also shouldn’t have to pay for work in full ahead of time.

Apparently, a phone call from a TV station was good motivation. While they don’t specify exactly what part of the kitchen was left unfinished, IKEA made up for the year of waiting with a $15,000 cash refund and $10,000 in store credit.

The homeowner should probably not use any of that credit for items that Traemand would install.

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