Wendy’s Baconator Brings A Backup Team To New Zealand

Here in the U.S., the Baconator family has been available at Wendy’s for a while. The original Baconator was born in 2007, and the smaller Son of Baconator came along a few years later. Now Wendy’s has sent the Baconator to conquer New Zealand, and has sent it with a backup team.


Instead of a smaller version like the Son, these companions to the Baconator are variations on the sandwich. The Spiceanator adds spicy sauces and hot peppers: chipotle and habanero sauce and jalapeno peppers. The BBQnator has extra onion rings and barbecue sauce. The original Baconator, of course, has two square beef patties, cheese, and bacon.

Burger-eaters in New Zealand might wish for a smaller version: the Baconator team each cost NZ$10.40, or almost $9. The standard Baconator costs a little less.

Around the World: Wendy’s New Zealand Offers Team Baconator [Brand Eating]

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