Spend $5 Extra To Get $5 Gift Card At Target

Target is a successful retailer, which is impressive considering the company’s collective poor grasp of math. Reader Mireille was shopping for diapers there and spotted an interesting deal on diapers. If customers bought two boxes and paid $2.50 above the listed price on the shelf tag for each, they would get a $5 gift card. Wait, what?


“$22.49 is the regular price for a 72-count box,” Mireille points out. “If you spend $2 more per box you can get a $5 gift card with the purchase of 2.” Wait, though: it’s actually $2.50 more per box, making that $5 gift card cost $5.

Wanting customers to buy more diapers is an understandable retail goal, but the part with the different prices is a little confusing.


Yes, this promotion is now over. If you’re sad that you missed it, you can always go to Target and give them five dollars, receiving five dollars’ worth of Target merchandise in return. It’s the same thing. Apparently.

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