Spend $5 Extra To Get $5 Gift Card At Target

Target is a successful retailer, which is impressive considering the company’s collective poor grasp of math. Reader Mireille was shopping for diapers there and spotted an interesting deal on diapers. If customers bought two boxes and paid $2.50 above the listed price on the shelf tag for each, they would get a $5 gift card. Wait, what?


“$22.49 is the regular price for a 72-count box,” Mireille points out. “If you spend $2 more per box you can get a $5 gift card with the purchase of 2.” Wait, though: it’s actually $2.50 more per box, making that $5 gift card cost $5.

Wanting customers to buy more diapers is an understandable retail goal, but the part with the different prices is a little confusing.


Yes, this promotion is now over. If you’re sad that you missed it, you can always go to Target and give them five dollars, receiving five dollars’ worth of Target merchandise in return. It’s the same thing. Apparently.

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  1. OrionBFury says:

    Though in their defense it did apply to any of their brand or Huggies brand of diapers, maybe the other one’s didn’t have a pricing issue. Also, it looks like the price was changed the week prior to the sign going up, and the sale sign looks like one that was shipped to them, so it could be showing the old price and the employee that put up the sign didn’t notice the difference.

  2. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    i usually make out like a bandit on these gift card promotions. only when it’s something i would buy anyway of course. the cat food i buy is often a buy two, get a $5 gift card deal. so i spend about $1 more than regular price at petsmart and get what amounts to a $5 coupon for my next purchase. of course when petsmart has the same brand on sale, it’s a better deal than that, but they seem to run in opposite cycles.
    my friend uses suave bodywash that also often turns up on these deals. buy 3 at $2.69, get $5 gift card. after tax it’s $8.55, and minus the gift card that totals $1.18 each.
    as you can probably guess, i do the math right there in the store to make sure i’m not subject to the weirdness of target pricing.
    i have seen some of these that make no sense, like this one, or that aren’t reasonable prices to begin with and are less expensive somewhere else without the deal.

  3. Pitcherhill says:

    I hurried and took advantage of this and now do not know what to do with the diapers. No young children. Great deal though. Let’s see, pay 2.50 more than retail….