Not Even Diaper Pail Bags Are Spared From Target Math

Image courtesy of (Mike Mozart)

Buying in bulk is usually the way to save money on an item that you know you’ll be buying a lot of… like, for example, special deodorizing bags for your diaper pail. Unless you’re shopping at Target. Then, the normal rules don’t apply, and you shouldn’t assume that buying one package of 20 items will be cheaper than two packages of 10 or even four packages of five.

Reader Jamie sent over this example from the baby aisle. Sure, babies don’t know how to count, but adults who slap price tags on items for babies know how to count. Don’t they?

The picture is blurry, for which she apologizes. Life in the baby aisle is hectic.


10 bags: $6.59
20 bags: $13.49

Jamie did the math for us. “At these prices, buying 2 packs of 10 was cheaper ($13.18 compared to $13.49).” It’s not a big difference, but apparently Target really doesn’t want to move those larger boxes. Of anything.

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