Kellogg’s Wants You To Eat Some Late-Night Cereal



Marketers don’t really need to encourage Americans to eat cereal for dinner or for a late-night snack. We’re already doing that. Well, I am. Yet Kellogg’s has come out with special limited-edition packaging for some of their sugariest cereals to encourage us to snack on them in the evening hours, and at least one of our readers finds it inappropriate.


“I was kind of outraged when I saw the packaging encouraging kids to eat froot loops for dinner,” he said. The question is, are these boxes really marketed to kids? Are Froot Loops really what they want you to eat for dinner?


If you read the back of this Krave box, it looks like the idea is to encourage cereal as a late-night snack: maybe a replacement for milk and cookies. Marvo of food blog The Impulsive Buy notes that Kellogg’s “made limited edition nighttime packaging to encourage something I already do, which is eat sugary cereals before bedtime because I ran out of chips and ice cream.” Sugary cereal will never be the healthiest snack you can snack on, but it’s not a whole lot worse than milk and cookies. Heck, if you get out a box of Cookie Crisp, it is milk and cookies.

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    i would think this is less for kids and is actually marketing to single young adults who may need refreshment after self medicating herbally. was this picture taken in WA or CO perhaps?

    • sylphon says:

      I’ve seen these boxes in GA too. I think it’s more than they are trying to encourage people to snack on cereal rather than candy bars or cookies and the like. I’ve seen some Special K commercials geared that way lately too.

  2. Lenne says:

    Ew. That Krave cereal reminds me of the horrors of the Hidden treasures cereal. The cereal that had even sharper edges than Captain Crunch and King Vitamin combined. You could not eat that cereal without finishing with a mangled roof of your mouth. Thank goodness I am allergic to chocolate :-P