Why Do Velveeta Cheese Slices Have Different Calorie Counts Depending On The Package Size?

velveetacountsSometimes we have questions from you, our fresh-faced and bright-eyed Consumerist readers, that we just don’t have an answer for. And when that happens, we will move heaven and earth to get the answers. Or just you know, look into things. Thus it was with the Mystery Of Velveeta Cheese Slices And Differing Calorie Counts.

If there’s anything I like on this big blue marble, it’s talking about cheese (eating it comes first, of course). So gather round, everyone, for a tale from reader Paul, who sent in a very valid question with the above photo:

“All Velveeta is not created equal!” he wrote, saying that while shopping he happened upon a bit of a strange caloric phenomenon. “I discovered that the 16-slice package of Velveeta had a calorie count of 40 calories per slice while the 24-slice package of Velveeta had a calorie count of 35 calories per slice. How is this possible?”

How, indeed? The answer is pretty simple — turns out if you want a bit more of a cheese-like punch per slice, you should buy the 16-slice package. Per a spokeswoman from Kraft Foods:

“This is a great question and the answer is quite simple. The weight of the individual slices in the two packages is actually slightly different. In a 12 oz. package, which has 16 slices, each slice is .75 ox or 21g. In a 16 oz. package, which has 24 slices, each slice is .67 oz. or 19g. Because the weight of the individual slices in the 12 oz. package is slightly greater, the calorie count is also slightly higher. If you compare this to similar products, you’ll find the same thing in most cases.”

There you have it. The fatter the cheese slice, the more calories. And now you know, and we can all rest easy tonight, at last.

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  1. Mokona512 says:

    Another reason to always calculate food prices in cost per gram, only way to get a better deal more often, especially when stores play with the units of measure.

    • SpeakBob says:

      Actually here it is better to do a cost per slice. I’ve actually run into times where both sized packs are on sale for the same price per ounce but that meant that smaller sized slices were the better buy because I could make more sandwiches with them.

  2. dullard8 says:

    This didn’t merit an inquiry to Consumerist. A simple look at the information on the package would have yielded the simple answer to this question.

  3. mrkake says:

    I do think it’s weird but I don’t think it’s that much of a big mystery. It says right on the package under the slice count that the size of the slices on one is bigger than the other. It does however seem like it’s an attempt to trick consumers… somehow… it has to be…. right?

  4. Pitcherhill says:

    and did you test some velveeta slices to determine if they contain any actual cheese ingredients? always tasted like motor oil to me.