On Day 5, The Sexagintuple Frappuccino Is Finally Gone

On Saturday, a man walked into a Starbucks store in Texas with a vase and created a legend. Technically, he asked the baristas to create a legend, or at least something that everyone on the Internet wouldn’t stop typing about for three days. Last night, he finally drained the last of the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino.

It took five days, because while drinking a beverage that includes 60 shots of espresso probably won’t kill you, drinking 128 ounces of sugared coffee beverage goodness just might.


A Starbucks spokesperson told Seattle Weekly that they hadn’t heard about the beverage before Tuesday evening, which is funny because Consumerist had contacted them about it long before noon on the west coast. Maybe they just didn’t get around to checking their e-mail yet.

The important thing that we learned from the Starbucks statement is that this is not an officially condoned way to use up one’s free drink coupons, on birthdays or otherwise. Starbucks doesn’t encourage customers to create their own super-beverages. “[T]his type of beverage order is totally excessive and not something we encourage people to do. After they make that beverage, it’s pretty inedible. Nor is it safe,” noted the spokesperson. Baristas are not encouraged to cater to the deranged whims of caffeine junkies, Gold card holders or not.


Anyway, Andrew the drink-orderer is still alive. Perhaps he was wise not to show his face in any of the drink photos, based on the reaction that his drink received from baristas.

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