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Brooklyn Café Accuses Starbucks Of Copying ‘Unicorn’ Beverage Name

Brooklyn Café Accuses Starbucks Of Copying ‘Unicorn’ Beverage Name

While the Unicorn Frappuccino has vanished from Starbucks stores, the beverage’s legacy continues in court. A coffee and juice café in Brooklyn claims that it was serving a much healthier brightly colored “Unicorn latte” at the end of last year, and is suing Starbucks for $10 million for trademark infringement. [More]


Six Major Retailers Agree To End On-Call Scheduling Amid Multi-State Probe

Aeropostale, PacSun, and Walt Disney Co. are among six major retailers who have announced they will stop using on-call scheduling in their U.S. stores. [More]


Walgreens Closes Theranos Testing Centers In Arizona, Won’t Take Them Nationwide

When Walgreens and blood-testing startup Theranos partnered up in 2013, it seemed like a great idea for both companies and for patients. Inexpensive lab tests could be available right in neighborhood drugstores. Only the problem was that Theranos insisted on secrecy because of its new technology, and Walgreens wasn’t able to seriously investigate the tests or equipment. Now Walgreens has ended its partnership with Theranos. [More]


Verizon Ends FiOS Streaming Apps For Xbox And Smart TVs March 31

While the Federal Communications Commission has okayed maybe going ahead with creating a market for non-proprietary cable boxes, Verizon FiOS customers who have been using their Xbox consoles or smart TVs to access a subset of channels instead of renting extra cable boxes for each television set in their home are about to be disappointed, as Verizon is ending these apps. [More]

Dropbox Announces The End For Not-Popular-Enough Mailbox And Carousel Apps

Dropbox Announces The End For Not-Popular-Enough Mailbox And Carousel Apps

The mobile era seems to bring new innovations weekly, if not daily or hourly, but not all of them can last. And so it comes to pass that toay Dropbox has announced it is dropping two of its once-hot services, Mailbox and Carousel. [More]


California Health Dept. Close To Declaring Measles Outbreak Linked To Disneyland Officially Over

A few months after Disneyland officials warned unvaccinated people to stay away amid a measles outbreak that was traced back to the park, the California Department of Public Health says it’s preparing to announce the end of the outbreak tomorrow, barring any new cases. [More]