Idea For Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco Came From Facebook Photo Of A Folded Waffle Sandwich

waffletacomainWhen you’re posting things on the Internet, you never know where they’ll end up eventually. So it goes with one Facebook user’s photo of a folded over waffle sandwich at a California restaurant, which ended up morphing into Taco Bell’s waffle breakfast taco.

In a profile that is solely dedicated to uncovering the apparent mystery behind the waffle taco (which seems pretty straightforward if you can read its name), Businessweek spoke with the director of product development at Taco Bell, Heather Mottershaw.

She says inspiration struck while she was scrolling through Facebook and saw a friend’s snap of a waffle sandwich filled with eggs, avocados and other Southern California ingredients.

“I went, huh, that’s an interesting idea,” she says.

So she ran out and bought supermarket waffles and started trying to figure out how to make it into a taco-like holder. She ended up leaving a frozen waffle to thaw at room temperature, then folding it, flash frying it in a chalupa basket and voila, a crispy waffle taco shell to hold eggs, sausage and cheese.

Mottershaw took her discovery back to Taco Bell the next morning and served it up.

“As soon as the team started to see it,” she says, “there was this instant excitement, this buzz that this is a cool idea, this is a big idea.”

And now you know where that thing you’d either chow down on happily or have it be the last thing that ever gets near your mouth came from [cue “the more you know” rainbow].

Taco Bell’s Secret Recipe for New Products [Businessweek]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    it used to just trickle up the chain from employee meals or customer special requests. i worked there when extreme nachos and double decker tacos came into existence. legend has it that the double decker taco was invented by employees who were trying to find a way to hold together broken, unservable hard tacos. tacos that broke while being made or were handed out to customers and got broken during the handoff and were exchanged for unbroken – all fair game for employee meals. but a pain in the ass to eat.
    getting it straight from the internet will probably continue to bring about many food innovations. especially if taco bell product developers keep searching for the food drunk people come up with at 4am

  2. C0Y0TY says:

    What compensation did the Facebook friend get?