Denny’s Tweets About Vegetable Acquisition, Wins At Brand Social Media

Yesterday, Apple and Beats Electronics announced that their union is official: Apple will acquire the headphone and streaming-music company for about $3 billion. As the news made headlines, one national brand wanted to nudge its way into the “trending topics” spotlight, and achieved the best current events/brand promotion tweet that we have ever seen.


Denny’s, please step up and accept your crown. Which is made of beets, probably. The previous greatest current events/brand promotion tweet that we know of was when Arby’s saw a familiar-looking hat during the Grammy awards and turned Pharrell’s strange headgear choice into a flood of good publicity and a charitable donation.

We’re more likely to post about social media gaffes, which usually result when well-meaning people try to take advantage of trending topics or hot news stories. Sometimes we think that brands should just forget about making timely and amusing updates altogether. (Sometimes ignoring the news can get you in trouble, too.) This is an example of brand tweeting done well.

What does $3 billion worth of beets look like, anyway? From my misspent public television-watching childhood, here’s a start:

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