Wayback Burgers, Denny’s Vie For The Affection Of Burger King After McDonald’s Turned A Cold Shoulder

After an offer to “settle the beef” in the name of raising awareness for Peace Day was unceremoniously shot down by McDonald’s with a rather passive-aggressive note, Burger King has received a proposal – or two – of its own to consider.

Would you consider ordering a Slampper or a Whipple Whipple next time you’re at Burger King? Those two collaborations could certainly be making an appearance on the menu board if the company accepts a proposal from either Denny’s or Wayback Burgers, respectively.

Fortune reports that just days after McDonald’s shot down The King’s call for a truce – and the creation of something called the McWhopper – smaller burger chain Wayback Burger made its love for Burger King known, offering to take over the Golden Arches’ spot in the proposed collaboration.

The Connecticut-based chain – which operates around 100 locations in the U.S. and overseas – extended an olive branch to Burger King, while also taking a jab at McDonald’s rejection.

“Wayback Burgers would be happy to take Burger King up on its offer to partner to raise money for UNICEF surrounding International Day of Peace,” Wayback Burgers President John Eucalitto said in a company statement. “Our nine patty burger, The Triple Triple, could be a great vehicle to work with. Perhaps we could create the Whiple Whiple. Besides, wouldn’t Burger King prefer to partner with a fresh and innovative brand that is on the rise? Either way, we hope to hear from you.”

While Burger King’s first alternative proposal comes from a smaller burger chain, the second is from an entirely different genre of restaurant, Adweek reports.

Not one to shy away from a little fun on social media, national diner chain Denny’s quickly jumped into the collaboration fray suggesting several mash-ups of menu items with Burger King, including: the Slampper, the Whammper and the Whoppaslamus-rex.

So far, Burger King hasn’t responded to the offers from either Wayback Burgers or Denny’s, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the fast food chain is taking its times deciding between its suitors.

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