Shutterfly Sends Apology For E-Mail Celebrating Imaginary Babies

welcometoshutterflyApparently unable to send out more than one e-mail per day, printing company Shutterfly sent out an apology this morning for yesterday’s mailing. That marketing blast congratulated what appears to be their entire mailing list on their new babies. This confused many people who have older kids or no children at all, but was deeply upsetting to recipients currently dealing with infertility or mourning a miscarriage.

Krissy, the reader who alerted us to the original mass mailing, sent over a copy of today’s apology note.


The message was apparently intended only for new parents who had made baby-related purchases, and not for everyone on the planet. Since lunchtime yesterday, the company has also been reaching out to people who complained about the mailing on Facebook or Twitter, with messages customized for people who explained why they found the message so hurtful, especially when it landed in their inboxes just after the Mother’s Day marketing onslaught was over.

To repeat ourselves from yesterday, we really have to commend Shutterfly for realizing that sending the message out was objectively awful, and not shifting blame by saying something like “we’re sorry that you found the e-mail hurtful.”

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