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Adam Fagen

Did You Get A Gadget For Christmas? It’s Time To Opt Out Of Mandatory Arbitration!

Did you receive any fun gadgets as holiday gifts? If so, it’s time to check over that user agreement most people usually ignore to see if you have signed away your legal rights, or if you still have a chance to protect your right to a day in court. [More]

Kevin McCarthy (modified)

Michaels Buys Mailing Lists, Intellectual Property Of Hancock Fabrics

When the original intellectual property auction for the remaining assets of the former sewing and craft chain Hancock Fabrics concluded, the winning bidder was a company called ADMACO, Inc. Who? That turned out to be an alias for Michaels, the nationwide craft supplies chain, which will take over the Hancock Fabrics trademarks, and the 10 million names on its mailing list. [More]


Reminder: You Should Opt Out Of Starbucks Card Mandatory Arbitration Now. Here’s How

This week, the new terms and conditions for Starbucks cards — the gift and stored-value cards that you can use to rack up rewards in their newly revamped reward program — went into effect. That means existing users have until May 12 to opt out of the chain’s normal requirement that card users waive their right to sue the company. [More]

RadioShack Will Not Be Selling Your Phone Number To New Owners

RadioShack Will Not Be Selling Your Phone Number To New Owners

If you’re part of the 117 million or so names on RadioShack’s mailing list, we have good and bad news for you. Today, the Shack and various states’ attorneys general came to an agreement about what customer data may be sold to RadioShack’s new owners, and under what circumstances. Everyone has agreed that the Shack won’t be handing over customer phone numbers, but they also will be giving people on the mailing list only a week to opt out. [More]