Mom Gets Lots Of Carnations And Ferns, Not The Arrangement I Ordered

Don’t let the huge photo below fool you: the flowers that Jason sent to his mom for Mothers’ Day were much smaller than they were supposed to be. He paid extra for a huge arrangement, and what showed up wasn’t what he saw on the website. Is everything really smaller in real life than on catalog pages, or did the florist short Jason’s mom some blooms?

Here’s what Jason thought he would be getting:

image 3-1

Here’s what his mom actually got:


“When they arrived I happened to be there and I was extremely disappointed. There were about 15-17 carnations and mums and a lot of ferns but nowhere near the look, quality or value of what was portrayed on their website,” Jason writes. Yes, the florist had a substitution policy, but what showed up at his mom’s home was much smaller than what he was expecting.

This arrangement does measure up…if you somehow pointed all 15 blooms at the camera. That would be a neat trick, but real life is three-dimensional.

Jason followed our standard advice, and ordered from a local florist affiliated with Teleflora. Unfortunately, while doing that usually leads to better outcomes, it isn’t 100%. It does mean that when you call to complain, the person answering the phone will be closer to actual accountability for the problems with your order.

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