If Someone Left You A $5,000 Tip, Would You Share The Wealth With Co-Workers?

The “Tips for Jesus” movement appears to have struck again, with a mystery diner here in Philadelphia giving a $5,000 tip to his waitress and leaving another $2,000 for the restaurant’s bartender. These two can now do what they want with the money, but what about the co-workers who weren’t lucky enough to serve the generous tipper?

In Philly.com’s report of the story, there’s a mention that this particular restaurant does not have a tip-pooling policy, so whatever a server or bartender makes in tips goes only to that person.

Apparently, some of the more veteran waitstaff were a little grumbly because the server who scored the $5K tip had only been working there a short while.

The bartender, who didn’t get her sizable gratuity until later in the evening, says she wasn’t jealous of the server who’d hit the tip lottery.

“I didn’t think anything of it,” she claims.

But when the big-tipping diners were talking to her at the bar and asked if she’d heard about the $5,000, she told them, “You know… I’d be happy with just a thousand.”

Which they doubled, leaving $2,000 on a $150 tip.

The bartender says she doesn’t know what she’ll do with her money, while the server is planning to spend it on her education.

Getting back to the issue of pool-tipping, we’re just curious whether any of you would have shared your windfall:

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