It Is Beyond Rude To Drink A Beverage Of Your Body’s Own Making At A Restaurant

This is the face one might make if faced with such a situation. (Rob in PDX)

This is the face one might make if faced with such a situation.  What kind of photo were you expecting? (Rob in PDX)

Listen — your beverage of choice is exactly that, and you can put into your body whatever that may be. But if you choose to drink your own urine, it is totally impolite to ah, pour yourself a drink at a restaurant in front of other unsuspecting diners.

Police in Washington arrested a 26-year-old man after a very odd example of public urination, reports the Tri-City Herald.

According to witnesses, the man came into an Old Country Buffet with a woman for dinner on Saturday night. So far, so good, right? But after the woman left, the man reportedly took his hydration into his own hands.

Police say he stood up and peed into a cup, then stood at the table to drink it. Understandably, there were a few complaints from other patrons and the man was arrested as he walked away from the restaurant.

Again, it’s totally legal and very much up to you if you’d like to partake in bodily fluids (shudder, oh so many shudders that never end) but please be polite and confine such self-serve actions to somewhere private.

Man drinks urine in front of customers at Kennewick restaurant [Tri-City Herald]

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