Man’s Eventual, Inevitable Death Only Obstacle In His Quest To Own Every VHS Copy Of ‘Speed’


This guy. (KREM)

Do you own a VHS copy of Speed, that 1994 insta-classic starring one vacant-eyed Keanu Reeves and a young Sandy Bullock? There’s a guy in Idaho who’d like it, because he only has about 550 VHS copies as it stands and he’d really like to own um, all of them, before he dies. Eventually.

It all started when the fellow bought six copies of the movie from a pawnshop in 2007 and thought it was kind of funny, reports KREM News. And now it’s his life’s work, the hobby he spends all his free time on.

He’s not relying on his own powers of ferreting out the Reevester, either.

“We’re running a Kickstarter to get the van fixed up and painted like the bus from the movie Speed. It’s so we can travel the country, come to your town and get copies of Speed,” he explained.

If he could, he’d just buy every copy on Amazon, but the costs add up. And besides, some people just donate them to him, sending copies from faraway places like Japan.

It sounds like more than a fascination with how (SPOILER ALERT) Keanu and Sandra save everyone/fix everything, it sounds like a full-fledged life goal.

“No one ever really knows if the work they’re doing is making the world a better place or not, but they don’t give up,” the dogged collector explains. “That’s how Speed works. We just have to keep going no matter what.”

So when will enough be enough, seriously? Because words like “all” and “every” sound like a bit much, right? Wrong answer. The guy won’t even put a number on how many copies he wants before he stops looking.

“No, I’m never giving up. I can’t stop my whole life because I’ll never know. So, I’ll die looking for Speed.”

Here’s where we all go searching through that box in the closet because seriously, help a fella out in his life quest.

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