This DIY Mustard Caddy Won’t Change Your Life, But It Will Keep The Mustard Flowing

Look at that awful mess that needs organizing! (Alton Brown on YouTube)

Look at that awful mess that needs organizing! (Alton Brown on YouTube)

I’m going to play it to you straight — this is not one of those cases where it’s like, Read This Post And Your Life Will Forever Be Changed By What Happens because I don’t think easily squirted mustard falls under that kind of description. But still, getting sauces flowing when you need them? Super handy.

Generally awesome food guy Alton Brown has a dramatic reimagining (I can only hope, because otherwise it’s crazy how prepared his camera crew was) of how he came to conquer unsquirtable mustards.

If you don’t want to watch the entire two minutes of intensely acted refrigerator revelations, it’s simple: Take an egg carton (remove eggs first, obviously) and cut off the top, leaving only the scooped out egg cradles.

Set that in your fridge door’s shelf and stand various mustards or other condiments upright in it and voila — the next time you need a squirt it won’t be such a chore. My mind isn’t blown and my life has remained fairly the same since this knowledge was first revealed to me, but I am jonesing for a hot dog.

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