Frito-Lay Inflicts Mystery Dorito Flavors On Public Again

doritosjacked_3x2Are you willing to volunteer your taste buds for flavor science? Do you also want to pay for the privilege? Frito-Lay is at it again, offering a selection of mystery flavors to find out which ones the public likes best. It’s similar to the “Do Us A Flavor” contest at sibling brand Lay’s, but without actually telling consumers what those flavors are.

We’re amused that no one seems to remember that this is nothing new: the brand has done mystery flavors in the past, including X-13D, a promotion where the company wanted customers to name a mysterious new variety. They turned out to be cheeseburger-flavored, a variety that didn’t really win over the public.

Instead of names or branding, the bags simply have “test flavor” numbers, and labels in simple shades of blue, red, and yellow. Those colors might be hints: we’re hearing whispers that the yellow bags might be Mountain Dew-flavored.

AdAge points out that asking customers to pay to take part in a taste test is a test of loyalty and of trust in the brand. They need to have some faith that the chips will be edible and worth the money. It may also help that there’s a sweepstakes associated with the taste test.

As part of the promotion, they’re giving out prizes: snackers can win an ounce of gold (you know, because Doritos means “little golden things”) or Xbox Live memberships.

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