Certified Organic Cereal-Flavored Milk Is A Thing Now

product_shot_fruity_trudyThe brand name “Cow Wow” can refer to one of two products. It could be “Cow Wow” the liquid cow manure concentrate, a nutritious but smelly garden fertilizer. Or it could be “Cow Wow” the flavored, shelf-stable organic milk, a nutritious but sugar-laden dairy product. Choose carefully. 

What caught our eye, though, is that the latter Cow Wow is cereal-flavored: that is, meant to taste like the milk in your bowl after you’ve eaten fake fruit-flavored or chocolate-flavored cereal.


That leaves them with the somewhat baffling marketing concept that instead of eating a bowl of sugary cereal, kids can just drink a sugary carton of Cow Wow. They can relegate cereal to craft projects. I thought that the point of eating cereal was to consume food, not to make sugar-milk.

Remember, kids: just because something is certified organic, that doesn’t make it good for you. The fruit-ish version gets its flavor from those ever-mysterious “natural flavors.”

Cow Wow [Milk] (via The Worst Things for Sale)
Cow Wow [Manure]

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