You Can Buy The Vice President’s Old Cadillac, Signature Biden Jokes Not Included

Whenever I think of Vice President Joe Biden, I imagine him either on a train or telling a somewhat awkward joke in a totally inappropriate setting. But it turns out he also drives cars on occasion, along with his usual train riding and jokemaking duties (and also being VP, etc), one of which is now reportedly for sale by its most recent owner. No jokes are included in the deal though, so you’ll have to provide your own.

The 2005 Cadillac STS is listed on the Delaware Craigslist as of this writing for $15,000. And it sounds exactly like a car that could’ve been owned by anyone, much less the second guy in line for the Oval Office:

Joe Biden caddy sts v8 North Star engine 4×4. Total package everything included. Push start tweeter speakers, Bose, heated and cool seats front and black. Inside and out in good condition. Needs shocks and suspension and minor engine work. Air filter, fan belt… $15,000. Need to sell make an offer. Need to sell before end of the month.

He tells Delaware Online he bought the car after Biden’s lease ended when he became veep. He didn’t realize it was Biden’s until he noticed some very recognizable names programmed into the car’s system.

“At first I didn’t know,” he said, “until the Bluetooth in the car had Beau, Hunter and Jill’s Washington, Philadelphia and other important numbers in it.”

He abstained from dialing up the Biden folks, he says, which would’ve been difficult for many a prank loving American. Heck, Biden would probably think it’s funny too.

There’s no apparent confirmation from the White House whether or not it’s really Biden’s Caddy, however, so buyer beware.

VP Joe Biden’s former Cadillac can be yours [Delaware Online]

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