If Today Is Your Birthday And You’re Flying, JetBlue Will Match Your Fare With A Credit

We know, we know — everyone is on edge today because who knows when someone is going to prank you into feeling like a total sucker for believing some outrageous April Fool’s Day lie. But JetBlue is crossing its heart and swearing to die that it really is trying to give back to all those who happen to be born on this date — and are flying on the airline today.

If JetBlue’s offer to give a credit equal to the fare paid by anyone flying today with the birthday of April 1 is a prank, it’s really mean, considering the set-up — a rather clever publicity stunt that’s all about not pranking poor souls born today who may already be sick of April Fool’s ruining their big day.

“Everyone’s birthday should feel like a personal holiday, even if it’s on an actual holiday. So on a day like April Fool’s, a birthday is still nothing to joke about,” said Roger Johnson, JetBlue Director of Market Planning in a post on the JetBlue blog today. “That’s why we’re making sure that our birthday travelers today get a present, not pranked.”

Birthday travelers will get a credit deposited into their JetBlue Travel Bank, good toward any flight within one year. But you’ll have to complete a few steps before you get your present; this isn’t an automatic birthday treat:

E-mail aprilnofools@jetblue.com by April 8, 2014 with: Your name and JetBlue confirmation number for your April 1 flight, and Your TrueBlue account number to request your JetBlue Travel Bank credit. Sign up for that credit at http://jetblue.com/trueblue.

Customers who qualify will be contacted within two weeks of submission.

So again, if this is an elaborate “We’re not doing a joke but haha that is the joke” ploy, JetBlue is being super mean. If it’s not, well, I’m jealous today isn’t my birthday.

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