Former Airline Catering Employee Sues American Airlines After Cargo Box Falls On Him

Depending on your job, going to work each day might entail putting yourself in harm’s way. However, most of us probably don’t envision going about our daily tasks and having a nearly 700-pound cargo box fall on us. But that’s exactly what happened to a Houston man, and now he’s suing American Airlines.

WFAA New 8 reports that the former employee of an airline catering company filed a lawsuit alleging employees of the airline improperly maneuvered a Boeing 777, causing a 679-pound cargo box to topple over on the man.

The incident, which occurred in July 2014 at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, began when the man was tasked with unloading food services from an inbound American flight.

He claims in the lawsuit that maintenance employees improperly maneuvered the aircraft out of the gate, and when the engines were turned on to move the plane to a maintenance hanger, the blast blew the cargo container off a dolly and on top of the man.

“I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t see it coming,” the man tells WFAA. “He hit the fuel so hard, the jet blast just hit everything.”

According to a DFW Airport Police report, a witness told investigators that when he approached the box all that was visible was the man’s tennis shoes.

That same report indicated that video footage of the incident appeared to show the jet blast was responsible for the crates moving, WFAA reports.

In all, the man says he was knocked unconscious and suffered extensive leg injuries.

A spokesperson for American Airlines tells WFAA that it is “reviewing the allegations to determine next steps.”

Man crushed by cargo box at DFW sues American Airlines [American Airlines]

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