Store Calls In Ghost Hunters After Video Captures Glass Dish Flying Off The Counter All By Itself

I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, never having seen* one myself, but I do know who to call if one’s around. And because the Ghostbusters only exist in fiction, sadly, a store in New Hampshire that caught a strange incident on surveillance video had to go the second-best route and call the ghost hunters.

While there are likely many out there scoffing at such a story, the country store has released the footage showing what must be a very strong gust of wind or maybe a tiny earthquake.

But of course a ghost is the explanation most are latching on to for how a glass dish can suddenly fling itself off a counter and crash to the floor in such spectacular fashion.

In the video, via WMUR News, a store employee is seen walking out of the room, which has no one else in it once she leaves. A few minutes later, the glass top to a cake display takes to the air.

“I heard this big bang,” the employee tells the news station. “I walked around and looked, and it was on the floor. It took several minutes to set in, [it’s] still freaking me out.”

The store’s owner says the place has had haunting reports before, where people have said they’ve felt their shoulders being pulled or other unexplained incidents.

We’ll have to wait and see what the ghost hunters scare up (pun totally intended) but hey, what’s more quaint than a country store? A country store with a resident ghost who gets angry when there’s no cake in the display. I’d name him Hank and always leave out plenty of treats for him.

*I’ve never seen a ghost but I swear one smacked me on the top of the head once.

Ghost hunters to investigate Gilford store surveillance video [WMUR News]

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