USPS Driver Practices His Bowling With A Customer’s Package… From Inside A Minivan

By now, most of us know that our packages are not always handled with loving care, getting tossed around warehouses, onto trucks, onto planes, and back onto trucks, etc. But could USPS drivers please at least keep up the thin, delusional veil that they take even the slightest care when it comes to actually delivering a package to the customer’s door?

At the very least, please don’t hurl the box out of your van and onto the recipient’s driveway like you’re delivering the morning paper.

That’s exactly what has been happening to the person who has repeatedly caught his local USPS driver bowling his packages up his driveway with total disregard to the contents.

In the latest video, which is getting some attention on Reddit today, the customer says the package being tossed carelessly to the ground by the driver contained a hard drive.

“This time, the box is fine, but have a few minor dings in my garage door because of this,” he writes. “I’m having trouble formatting the external hard drive which was in that box, so who knows. I need to do some more testing before claiming it’s DOA, hopefully it’s just user error somehow.”

According to the customer, it had been shipped via FedEx SmartPost, which as regular Consumerist readers know, combines the absolute worst aspects of FedEx and the USPS.

He says he has no problem shipping things through USPS, but that the local delivery service has repeatedly mistreated packages.

Here are two previous videos of the same driver lobbing boxes against the customer’s garage door:

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