Yet Another Chinese Food Customer Wins Big By Playing Fortune Cookie Numbers

If you haven’t been winning the lottery lately, it’s time to seriously consider getting some takeout: Yet another lucky customer noshing on Chinese food won big in the lottery after playing numbers found in a fortune cookie.

What could’ve been written off as a cosmic fluke after one person brought home $2 million in fortune cookie-inspired winnings is now making me think I need to buy a huge bag of fortune cookies from wherever they sell huge bags of the things, after a woman in California scooped up more than $400,000 in the California Mega Millions drawing with her fortune cookie’s numbers, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

She matched five of the six numbers in the drawing, lottery officials said, and could’ve scored a cool $240 million if she’d had a 10 instead of a 9 for the Mega ball.

“I don’t care that I didn’t hit the big one,” she said, displaying just the right attitude for someone lucky enough to win anything based off a slip stuck instead a vaguely-cookielike meal afterthought.

She says she and her husband will now be able to take the honeymoon vacation they couldn’t afford when they got hitched 52 years ago.

Third big lottery win in 3 months at Los Gatos store goes to San Jose woman with fortune cookie numbers [San Jose Mercury News]

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