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Yet Another Chinese Food Customer Wins Big By Playing Fortune Cookie Numbers

Yet Another Chinese Food Customer Wins Big By Playing Fortune Cookie Numbers

If you haven’t been winning the lottery lately, it’s time to seriously consider getting some takeout: Yet another lucky customer noshing on Chinese food won big in the lottery after playing numbers found in a fortune cookie. [More]

Not the winning cookie. (Fujoshi)

Someone Actually Won $2 Million By Playing The Numbers From A Fortune Cookie

Some people swear by their chosen lottery numbers — whether they’re birth dates, anniversaries or the numbers from Lost — but most of those people still fail at winning anything. But when one Bronx great-grandmother decided to try her luck at a recent Powerball, she decided to just go with whatever a fortune cookie suggested — and it paid off. Literally. [More]


Fortune Cookie Maker Nixes Romantic Messages After Parents Complain

Perhaps no one gets more delight out of reading a fortune cookie’s message than a kid — “I’m going to triumph in all my endeavors today! What’s an endeavor?” — which is exactly why one company is changing its cookies’ tune. Apparently parents have been complaining that some of the romantic messages are a wee bit too adult for the younger set, so the world’s largest fortune-cookie maker is ditching any phrase with a hint of romance. [More]

The Census Is Getting Weird With Its Marketing

The Census Is Getting Weird With Its Marketing

Nobody expects the U.S. Census! Our chief weapon is surprise!” A Seattle blogger posted a photograph of a fortune she received in her fortune cookie recently, and it looks like the Census is using surprise fear and surprise surprise, fear, and a ruthless efficiency to remind people to send back their forms. Oh, and they’re ruining fortune cookies. I fully expect to be forced into a comfy chair soon, which all in all isn’t a bad way to be tortured, so meh. [More]