Even Comcast Employees Are Sharing “Comcast Doesn’t Give A F&#k” Video

comcastoopaYou probably remember last week’s “Comcast Doesn’t Give a F##k” video. And though it might seem like those who work for Comcast exist inside an impermeable sphere through which no criticism shall pass, that is far from the truth.

A Consumerist reader with a not-uncommon name and a generic, simple e-mail address says he often gets messages intended for other people with his name.

Then this morning he notices a message from someone with a Comcast corporate e-mail account and a Comcast company signature has landed in his inbox. The only text: A YouTube link to the “Comcast Doesn’t Give a F##k” clip that he assumes (and we agree) was not intended for him to see.

It’s either that or the Comcast employee thought that random customers should be made aware of the company’s reputation.

“I’m happy to know that Comcast REALLY doesn’t give a f##k about us,” writes the accidental e-mail recipient, “and they find it amusing enough to pass along to their friends and family.”

Just as a reminder, here’s the video again:

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