Vending Machine Of The Future Will Know You’re Jonesing For Doritos Just By Looking At You

No glass, just a giant screen. (Tom's Guide)

No glass, just a giant screen. (Tom’s Guide)

Standing in front of the vending machine debating the choice between corn nuts, a Baby Ruth and a bag of Doritos muttering, “What do I want… what do I want…?” will be a thing of the past one day. Because there will be a vending machine that will give you those Doritos using facial recognition software to read your junk food desires in your face.

While I’m not sure if I’m creeped out or preemptively relieved not to have to make yet another choice, these smart, connected vending machines from software company SAP won’t just sell food, but electronics and anything else you could punch up on a giant touch screen and have delivered to your greedy paws, reports Tom’s Guide.

On the ginormous, vending machine-sized color touch screen that replaces the traditional display window there’ll be a rotating list of snack items or whatever it is you’re buying, with a camera facing out toward the purchaser.

“For example, you have a group of people like us, three men and a woman,” SAP’s senior director said during a demo. “This would be recognized by the machine and it can now drive a personalized campaign to the audience that stands in front of it.”

This means the machine will be able to determine things like how old you are and your gender and then suggest something you might want. Oh and you could also be shown an ad at the same time, so that’s fun. Or the opposite of fun, but there are ads everywhere you look these days (except on Consumerist, natch) so, whatever.

Out of quarters? The vending machines will accept mobile wallet payments, credit cards and of course, cash. And then the next time you use that credit card on a vending machine, it might market other snacks or products to you based on past purchases.

I don’t really need anyone tell me I desire a full arsenal of sugary and salty foods at any given moment, so pardon me if I avoid you, futuristic vending machines. You know too much already.

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