Taco Bell Continues Tradition Of Wrapping Food In Other Food With “Quesarito”

quesarito-taco-bellIn its quest to make sure that every food item is encased not just within a wrap of some sort, but in a wrap made from another food item, Taco Bell says it is currently testing an unholy hybrid of burrito and quesadilla, which is of course called a Quesarito.

The Quesarito — quite literally a quesadilla wrapped around a burrito — has been a secret menu item for quite some time, but customers who tried to order one were just as likely to get a blank stare from a Bell employee as they were to end up with the calorific snack.

But the L.A. Times has confirmed with Bell HQ that the company is indeed testing the Quesarito, but only at one store in Oklahoma City.

For those in the OKC area, they have the option of beef, chicken or steak varieties, ranging in price from $2-3. For the rest of the world, you can just buy the two items and shove them into your mouth at the same time, as we imagine that replicates the final result.

Given the company’s success with putting taco filling in Doritos, and putting breakfast sausage in a waffle, we’re a bit surprised that Taco Bell isn’t doing a wider test of this item, since it presumably doesn’t involve any new equipment or ingredients and is just a matter of taking one item and wrapping it around the others.

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