Woman Temporarily Becomes Glasgow’s 87th Best Tourist Attraction On TripAdvisor

Mary seems pretty cool.

Mary seems pretty cool.

You might be the coolest person you know, but are you listed among your city’s top tourist attractions? Didn’t think so. But one woman in Scotland had at least temporary bragging rights as the 87th best attraction in Glasgow after a mix-up on TripAdvisor yesterday.

Mary isn’t on the list as of today, however: TripAdvisor now only lists 162 top attractions, whereas yesterday she was No. 87 out of 163, as you can see on the screengrabs provided by the Daily Mail.

Accompanied by a sideways photo that appears to be a profile picture, the entry for Mary had reviews like “Best Mary in Glasgow” and other tongue-in-cheek raves after the post caught the Internet’s attention.

She says she has no idea how she ended up on the list of attractions, as she’s been a user of the site for some time and didn’t do anything different lately.

‘I didn’t set it up. It must be a bug in the system or it is malicious,” she explained yesterday. “I’m already a user and I went on recently to review somewhere in Amsterdam so it may have happened then.”

She sounds a bit proud of her accidental status as an attraction, adding that she’s accomplished something unwittingly that can be a tricky process for actual attractions.

“I have been reading forums and apparently you have to bend over backwards to set up an account as an attraction. At least it is a good picture of me.”

TripAdvisor hasn’t explained how, exactly, Mary ended up on the list, only that this isn’t normal. Well, no duh: “It is rare that a listing that does not meet our guidelines makes it onto the site,” a spokesman said in a statement. “Thankfully, the very nature of our site allows for any inaccuracies to be quickly rectified, as is the case in this instance.”

If I ever go to Glasgow I feel like I’ll really want to hang out with Mary. She seems very pleasant.

You can follow MBQ on Twitter if you want to find out if she ever gets to chill with Mary in Glasgow: @marybethquirk

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