If You’re Wanted By The Police, Don’t Call 911 To Complain About Burger King Order

You know all those crime shows where nogoodniks refuse to go to the hospital when hurt or contact the police when robbed because they are dodging arrest warrants? Those people are brilliant compared to the woman in Pennsylvania who called 911 about her bad Burger King experience without thinking about how she is wanted in another state.

According to news reports out of Pittsburgh, a 22-year-old Pennsylvania woman placed an order last Friday at a BK drive-thru. When she checked her order, she was not happy with what she received.

That’s when she decided that the best route toward conflict resolution was to call 911 and get the police involved.

The police did show up, but not to help her get a new Whopper (or whatever it was she ordered). Rather, she was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she got out of her car and “engaged in threatening and yelling behavior, which caused public alarm,” write the police.

As a bonus, when police ran a background check on the upset customer, they found out that she is wanted by authorities in South Carolina.

Whether or not you’re on the lam, it’s always good to not involve the police in a customer service dispute. At best, you’ll just receive a stern talking-to and a warning to never do it again; at worst, you’ll end up being cited or arrested for the frivolous emergency call.

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