Cinnamon Essence With No Calories: Behold The Cinnabon Air Freshener

air-wick-cinnabon-air-freshenerThe Cinnabon cinnamon roll is one of the greatest calorie bombs found in the world’s malls and airport food courts. Maybe that’s why people fetishize it so, and there’s a huge market for Cinnabon-branded products that are not cinnamon rolls. The latest? Air freshener.

It’s probably the desire to have all of that tastiness with zero calories that drives this product. Isn’t it just cinnamon fragrance, though? NO. IT IS CINNABON(R).

The cinnamon fragrance joins other examples of cross-branding synergy in fragrance form, which the company calls the Familiar Favorites Collection. Other choices include Snuggle fabric softener fragrance and Baby Magic baby soap.


Couldn’t you just do your laundry or wash a baby and get the same effect? NO. NO, YOU COULD NOT. Note in the image above that while the Cinnabon fragrance is represented with a cinnamon roll, there is no corresponding freshly bathed baby for the Baby Magic fragrance, and no basket of freshly folded laundry for the Snuggle fragrance. You’re not supposed to picture the sources of the other fragrances, apparently.

News: New Cinnabon Air Freshener [Brand Eating]

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