Clothier Sends Daughter From Minnesota To Costa Rica To Deliver Pants In Time For Wedding

There’s customer service, and then there’s sparing no expense to make sure your customer’s wedding isn’t ruined by flying your own daughter to a tropical destination so she can hand deliver the groom’s pants. That’s called dedication.

A Minnesota clothier went way, way above and beyond when he put his daughter on a plane to Costa Rica carrying $500 suit pants that his groom customer had forgotten. He needed them for his wedding and FedEx, UPS and airline package services couldn’t help, reports the Minnesota Star-Tribune.

The daughter works for her dad’s men’s store and took off Sunday morning at around 6 a.m., flying 11 hours to Costa Rica with the pants. She then waited an hour for a driver and bumped over back-roads to get around and washout before successfully arriving at the beachfront resort to deliver the traveling pants in time for the Monday wedding.

The happy couple hadn’t even realized the pants had been left behind until the store owner contacted the bride through Facebook, and of course, said they weren’t expecting such a special delivery. Turns out the rest of the suit had obscured the hanger that should’ve held the pants, so no one realized they simply weren’t there.

“We are incredibly speechless,” the bride emailed.

“We just want you to have best wedding ever,” the clothier replied.

“Now, thanks to you and your family, we will!” she responded. “I cried. You, Sir, are incredible!”

Sounds like it’s all in a day’s work for the store owner, who added, “We just want to take care of people so they have a great experience. It’s a big day for them. We certainly weren’t going to disappoint them.”

While of course there’s no way that every single business owner could afford such extreme acts of customer service, it’s heartwarming to know that there are those out there willing to literally, go the distance. Or at least have their daughters do so.

“I feel like I am carrying treasure through the jungle,” she said of her trek. “It’s pretty intense, but feels pretty great.”

Talk about customer service: Clothier delivers forgotten pants to groom in Costa Rica [Minnesota Star-Tribune]

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