Let’s Go Ahead And Call “Pre-Valentine’s Day” What It Is: Any Calendar Day Before Feb. 14

Nice try, businesses attempting to create something out of nothing that people will nevertheless spend money on, but “Pre-Valentine’s Day” is not a thing. Or at least it shouldn’t be, unless you’re simply referring to say, Feb. 13, Feb. 12 or even Jan. 17. Or heck, any of the 44 days that fall before Valentine’s Day on the calendar. But don’t think that means we need to rush out for a romantic dinner under the pretense of yet another so-called occasion.

Because apparently, couples who find themselves unable to celebrate their love on a day designed specifically for that romantical purpose are panicking and wondering what in the heck they can do to mitigate such a date disaster, businesses this year have been pushing Pre-Valentine’s Day as a way to alleviate any pain caused by scheduling conflicts on the big day.

This week has seen a push for things like Pre-Valentine’s Day dinner specials, reports Quartz, as a romantic alternative to the brouhaha over Valentine’s Day itself.

Even President Obama and his wife Michelle aren’t safe from the marketing machine — they went out to dinner earlier this week because they’ll be apart on Feb. 14 so of course, the press is calling that a Pre-Valentine’s Day date. Instead of simply, “a nice dinner with a loved one.”

“More and more folks recognize that doing something thoughtful for your significant other the week of Valentine’s Day is okay, avoiding the crowds and waiting times associated with that day,” the proprietor of a Pittsburg establishment tells Quartz. His restaurant is hosting a five-course Pre-Valentine’s Day dinner on Feb. 13.

“Many folks consider leaving dining out on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve to the ‘amateurs’ who do not dine out on a more regular basis,” he said.

Many folks also consider Valentine’s Day just another day of the week that’s pretty good for ordering pizza, doing laundry and watching Total Recall with their roommate. What? It’s totally a romantic movie. Coincidentally, those are all perfectly acceptable Pre-Valentine’s Day activities.

Valentine’s Day isn’t enough: Businesses worldwide are pushing “Pre-Valentine’s Day” [Quartz]

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