skittle-fed beef

Dodge County Sheriff's Department

Mystery Of Skittles Scattered On Road Destined For Cattle Feed Has Been Solved

Have you been wondering about the backstory behind the Skittles strewn across a highway in Wisconsin a few weeks ago? Skittles-maker Mars said that it was investigating the situation, and now we know the answer: a miscommunication meant that the candy was allegedly sold directly to a farmer. [More]

Dodge County Sheriff's Department

Skittles Scattered Across Highway Were Destined For Cattle Feed: Mars Investigating

Mars Inc. has a number of very distinct businesses under its sizable umbrella, covering everything from its well-known candy brands to pet food to veterinary clinics. But that doesn’t explain why a load of Skittles spilled all over a Wisconsin highway were on their way to become cattle feed. [More]