McDonald’s Behind-The-Scenes Video: How Your Chicken McNuggets Are Made

Image courtesy of (YouTube)

The ghost of pink goop is still haunting McDonald’s. The chain’s Canadian arm is seeking to dispel the idea that a machine pumps out tubes of pink stuff to fill your chicken McNuggets, with a new video showing how the chicken bits are made. So far as we can see, there’s no pink stuff. At least, not on camera.

Back in 2010 the fast food world was rocked and shocked by the image of what looked like pink soft serve gushing from a tube into a cardboard box, purportedly on its way to filling McDonald’s McNuggets. Mickey D’s has denied that the image had anything to do with its food, and is now trying to set the record straight for good with a new video showing how they’re actually made.

In the video filmed inside one of the chain’s nugget factories at Cargill in London, Ontario, workers show the start-to-finish process of making McNuggets, from chicken de-boning to meat shredding to the mix of seasoning and chicken skin.

“We don’t know what it is, or where it came from, but it has nothing to do with our chicken McNuggets,” says the supply chain manager for McDonald’s Canada in the video, showing the photo of the villainous pink goop.

Then it’s on to the nugget shaping machine which cuts the mixture into the bell, the ball, the boot and the bow tie, before they’re battered and partially fried, then bagged and frozen for shipping to McDonald’s restaurants.

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