Before Handing Over $9,000, Make Sure TV Salesman Really Works At Sears

When someone approaches you with a deal that seems irresistible, sometimes there’s a good reason why. For example, the person offering you a truckload of televisions for $900 each when they retail for $3,000 may not be a legitimate representative of the electronics department at Sears.

It’s hard to see logic through a filter of greed, though. The man who bought the TVs in Nashua, New Hampshire saw a great business opportunity and planned to resell them.

Police say that the alleged fake salesman had called him up, offering a great deal on a “tax-free” TV sale. The customer decided that he would take ten of the deeply discounted televisions, because why question such a great deal? He could turn around and resell them.

The two men met up at the local Sears, where the fake salesman wore a Sears name badge and collected the $9,000 in cash in exchange for a legitimate-looking receipt. Then he disappeared.

The fake Sears salesman has been charged with theft by deception, a felony.

Police: Man posing as store employee tricks victim out of $9,000 [Nashua Telegraph]

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