Yes, Burger King Is Now Testing A Chicken & Waffles Sandwich

We’ve officially reached waffle sandwich overload. First Taco Bell starts testing the Waffle Taco, then it decides to start adding other meats and fruits between the waffles, then Jack In the Box slaps a couple of waffles on a breakfast sandwich. Perhaps not content to miss out on the next pretzel bun-type fad, Burger King is testing a chicken and waffle sandwich of its own.

The folks at Foodbeast were the first to spot the new menu item in the wild at a BK in Pittson, PA, near Scranton.

It described the sandwich as a “soggy breaded chicken patty in-between two equally soggy waffles.”

However, the Foodbeast reader who sent in the photo tells Bloomberg Businessweek that “It was okay, I guess… The chicken patty tasted the same to me as the one on the value menu, but the waffle was decent… Would I get it again? Probably not.”

The fast food chain confirmed to Bloomberg that this is indeed something it is trying out and not just something someone made at home then photographed in a BK sandwich wrapper.

“At this time, the chicken and waffle sandwich is something we are testing regionally but have not solidified plans beyond the test,” a rep for BK explains.

Last year, McDonald’s customers in California noticed that one restaurant was selling a “chicken and waffle” deal, which wasn’t a sandwich but was instead a few fried chicken wings and what appeared to be a couple of pancakes. However, McD’s corporate confirmed that this was not a company-sponsored test but an initiative that a franchisee had undertaken on their own.

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