McDonald’s Testing Chicken & Waffles In California

Chicken and waffles can be a divisive menu item, with some people smacking their lips at the prospect while others maintaining that chicken is not a breakfast food and should not be consumed with a traditional breakfast item. Were the nation’s largest burger chain to suddenly unleash such a product nationwide, it might rip this country in two. Perhaps that is why McDonald’s is merely testing the idea in at least one California eatery.

A Foodbeast reader in Fullerton, CA, spotted the above sign at a McDonald’s in the Amerige Heights part of town and posted the photo to Twitter. It clearly shows chicken, but we’re not yet sure if that “M”-embossed item next to the chicken is supposed to be a waffle. It looks more like a screwed-up pancake, but maybe that’s just the photo.

I’m usually game to try just about anything that involves fried chicken and/or waffles, but if I did so, it might annoy the rest of the folks huddled here in the super-secret underground Consumerist Cave.

“I’ve never even had chicken and waffles from a restaurant that cooks actual food,” complained Ms. Quirk. “So… no.”

“They serve mediocre meat and mediocre breakfast items, so this fits in with the rest of their offerings just fine,” explained Ms. Northrup, who joined Ms. Marco in the camp that believes chicken and breakfast don’t mix, saying, “Waffles all day makes more sense than chicken for breakfast.”

On a more serious note, McDonald’s rolling out yet another chicken product could have a dramatic impact on the price people pay for chicken at the supermarket, as a recent report claimed a direct relationship between the chain’s roll-out of new chicken products and spikes in the cost of both breast meat and wings.

If anyone out there happens to get a better photo of the sign — or, even better, of the dish itself — feel free to let us know at

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