Jack In The Box Debuts “Bacon Insider” Burger With Bacon/Beef Frankenpatty, 6 Strips Of Bacon

Don't even have to ask where the bacon is.

Don’t even have to ask where the bacon is.

Did someone mention bacon? Oh that’s right, I did, three times in the headline. I had to, because the Jack in the Box chain has apparently left its finger on the bacon button and refused to let up. Its new “Bacon Insider” burger not only has bacon+beef patty, but layers six slices of bacon on top and adds a bacon mayo.

Our friends over at BurgerBusiness.com point out that this is the first beef/bacon frankenpatty blend for a national burger chain.

And then there are the bacon trimmings on the tree. Err, burger. Eating a tree would be weird: Above and below the patty are half strips of hickory-smoked bacon for a total of six, as well as the generous daubs of bacon mayo sauce on both sides of the brioche bun.

The lettuce, American cheese and tomato just seem to be there to see what all the fuss is about. “Hey, you can eat us too, but we’re sorry we’re not part of the baconpalooza.”

“It’s a triple-threat bacon burger,” Jamie Vanderwal, Jack in the Box Category Leader told BurgerBusiness.com in an interview. “Really this goes above and beyond any bacon burger we’ve done before.”

All that bacon doesn’t come cheap — it’s $4.99 as a stand-alone item or $6.59 for a combo of fires and drink. It’s on sale for a limited time — or as long as bacon supplies last, perhaps?

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