Asking Police If You Can Do Heroin After You’re Arrested For Shoplifting Will Prove Troublesome

It’s one thing to get in hot water for shoplifting but you might as well just jump into a lake of boiling water if you follow that by asking police if you can do a little heroin while under arrest. Cops in Minnesota stopped a woman suspected of shoplifting at Walmart and subsequently faced an odd request for someone in handcuffs: Mind if I do some drugs?

Officials say witnesses saw the 33-year-old woman go into a changing room with a pile of clothing, only to emerge wearing those items. She’s accused of then picking up some cosmetics to put in her purse before heading out of the store without paying, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Security officers called the cops, who took the suspect to the station and arrested her. While she was being processed she must’ve started not feeling well, as she then “continually asked” cops for “just one blow” out of her purse, meaning heroin, because she was “getting dopesick,” the police report says.

Upon searching her purse police say they found multiple bags of heroin, but that she kept insisting she only wanted one, even though “she had ten of them,” the report said.

She was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor retail theft, police said. which probably means she didn’t get to leave with any of those ten bags.

Police: Woman under arrest asks cops if she can do heroin [Chicago Tribune]

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